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Horses are an integral part of my life, as both inspiration and avocation. I am particularly interested in the art of fine riding: dressage and the Western tradition of making bridle horses (including ranch roping and cow work). Over the years, I've taken dressage lessons from a list of notable "names." The two most influential people on my riding are Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman.



Tennessee Walking Horse (homebred), Murphy was a versatile and treasured saddle horse. Her last "public" appearance was in the "Buck" documentary (passage sequence), which seemed a fitting tribute to a great horse. Murphy also appears in the training video "Bringing It Together, an approach to a lighter and happier dressage horse." Due to metabolic health issues, her show career was limited. However, with a heart and "try" that is larger than life, she achieved almost all of the upper level dressage movements. She was also a stellar stock horse. Scott Allain Photo (2004).



Purchased as a green 3 year old, Jemima is mostly TB, but also has Arab and (allegedly) warmblood lineage. Jemima appears in the documentary, "Buck," during the cow working and in the "7 Clinics" DVD's featuring Buck Brannaman. Heiko Rodde Photo (2008).

Desi Trot 2.jpg

Divine Design (Desi)

Desi is my late bloomer (homebred), a Tennessee Walking Horse, TB cross, with a dash of Appaloosa in her. I started Desi, as a 2 year old in the colt class, with Buck Brannaman, in 2009 (during filming for the documentary "Buck.") Despite an unexpected and almost two year layoff, Desi is back under saddle. Robin Brumfield Photo (2011).
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